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Introduction Last Week

Read all that has to happen soon.

Read what God the Father shows through Jesus Christ to His servants!

Who the animal is and what the image of the beast means!

Also who are the money manipulators, the Antichrist, the four horses of Revelation 6: 2-8 and their riders and why Islam is the enemy of Western powers.

Why good Christians will take the mark of the beast, but also the destiny destined for Russia and who are behind the world today’s terrorism.

Discover what the secret is behind the great sword of Islam. Why should there be a great tribulation of three and a half years?

What is the fate of Europe and Asia and where is the last and third world war zone?

Who will commence a military force of 200 million men? Why will 2,500 million people die during this period?

Understanding what the fate of black Africa is, and what about China? Read how the atomic countries are placed.

Atomic devastation that comes and its consequences for the rest of the world! The great waste and seductive doctrines of our time.

Did you consider why Jesus returns only for His elect and who are the elect?

That there must be a first and last resurrection of the dead and why apart for a thousand years?

Who is destined for eternal destruction, Slots Online what does it mean and what the second death means? Everything is explained in these revelations.

Who goes with Jesus with His second coming and who will remain?

Understand more of the power of Satan and the coming Armageddon. The Church will be left behind and destroyed.

Find out why the church is not the bride and who will be the bride of the Lamb of GOD. What about the Jews?

Why was the kingdom of GOD destined for 1000 years here on earth? Who is the 144,000 and for what purpose?

Why Jesus must rule until the last enemy of GOD is destroyed? Who is this enemy of God? The prospect of eternal destruction! Why Jesus has to subject himself to GOD?

Why a new heaven and a new earth? Where is the covenant sheet of GOD?

The above are all prophecies of what must happen soon and have been revealed to the prophets of the Bible long ago and recorded by them. Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be witnesses in Jerusalem, as well as in all Judea (Israel) and Samaria and to the utmost part of the earth.”
(Acts. 1: 8)

These revelations are dedicated to Jesus Christ the Son of GOD and His Kingdom to come.

Just as in heaven as well on earth!

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